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What is Peer to Peer Advisors?

Peer to Peer Advisors is a membership organization of business leaders. In well-matched groups of peers, members work on and improve their companies, predominantly by attending monthly advisory board meetings. These meetings are led by experienced facilitators trained in the Peer to Peer process.

Who will be my fellow Peer to Peer Advisors group members?

Each member of a Peer to Peer Group is matched with individuals who share similar challenges, are focused on growth, and want to sit at the table with peers who they can help and who can help them. Qualification depends on an in-depth screening process conducted by trained Peer to Peer Facilitators. There are no competitors in the same group. 

How will Peer to Peer Advisors help improve my company?

Each month you will take at least two hours and work on your business instead of always working in it – addressing issues and challenges that are relevant and timely for you. You will put the Power of Collaboration to work, tapping into the diversity of experiences and expertise of at least 8-10 true peers. Diversity is key – fresh eyes, different perspectives and new ideas will contribute to unique solutions you cannot get anywhere else. 

How will people outside of my industry help with my business?

Business challenges are not generally related to the specifics of an industry, product or service. Rather, the challenges arise from the business issues every company faces – leadership, strategy, building a team, empowering employees, marketing, sales, etc. Diversity in the group is a distinct advantage here. However, some issues will be very industry specific. In those instances, we take the time to explore the specifics in depth so the collective experiences of the group can come to bear, and connections to your issue can be made.

What if no one in the group has the expertise needed to address my problem?

When an agenda item requires expertise beyond the collective experiences of the group members, we go find the subject-matter expert needed and have them participate in the meeting. Peer to Peer’s extensive network of experienced members and outside experts ensures that there is someone who can help, regardless of the opportunity or challenges being addressed.

What is a typical meeting like? What information is covered?

Meeting agendas depend on the goals and objectives of the group members. For business leaders they can be dynamic – built month-to-month based on the needs and desires of the members; focused – each monthly meeting is dedicated to an in-depth discussion of one member’s company; or dedicated – a Board of Advisors built specifically for one company. In each type of group the facilitator connects with every member at least once a month outside of the meeting. This enables the facilitator to stay close to the members’ business, and build into the agenda items that are timely and relevant. Typical agendas contain:

Why should I find two hours per month for a Peer to Peer Advisors group meeting?

Peer to Peer Advisors is a forum where you can dedicate time to working on your business instead of working in it. If finding two hours per month is a difficult task, the business is most likely running you. A Peer to Peer Advisors group affords an opportunity to address the issues and challenges of your company, with input from peers who “have walked in your shoes”. Finding two hours per month to participate in a Peer to Peer Advisors group helps you gain control and run the company.

Why should I participate in a Peer to Peer Advisors Group versus forming my own informal group of advisors?

Most importantly – a driving force in the Peer to Peer Advisors organization that focuses solely on ensuring each participant derives value from each and every meeting.

What is the role of the Peer to Peer Advisors Facilitator?

What is the cost of Peer to Peer Advisors?

The annual membership fee is $3,600. This is an all-inclusive cost covering the twelve monthly meetings, conversations between meetings with the facilitator, detailed notes following each meeting, select online resources, and 1-2 meetings per year where all Peer to Peer members come together in a more social atmosphere.