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Member Comments

I have to give a lot of credit to the facilitation.  Participants are business owners who are not shy about jumping in.  Ken S. Owner Financial Services Firm

I put one innovative idea to work and reduced payroll by $12k per week while simultaneously increasing production.  Pat H. Owner Metal Finishing Firm

One decision created immediate savings of $350 per month per employee.  Great ROI!  Ed L. Technology Services Firm

My Peer to Peer experience helped make last year my most profitable year in three years.  Gary B. Auto Retailer / Wholesaler

Peer to Peer delivers value in every meeting on subjects that are critical to the success of my business.  Susan P. Injection Molding Company

My investment in Peer to Peer has produced at least a ten fold return which has come in a variety of ways.  Matt S.  Web Development Firm

My Peer to Peer experience enables me to see myself and my business from a different perspective.  That is a gift.  Dorothy M. Consulting Services

We've been able to streamline our operations and I can focus on the things I'm best suited for.  I wouldn't have got to this point without Peer to Peer.  Mike P. HR Services Firm

My Peer to Peer group helped me figure out how to get a strong ROI on your event marketing efforts.  Tom R.  Advertising and Communications Firm

I now am using simple tools to articulate and communicate decisions, roles and responsibilities, thanks to Peer to Peer.  David C. Construction Firm

My peers helped me implement a reward system that supports a climate of respect, control and collaboration.  Joe A.  Payroll Services Firm

My company continues to prosper due to the incredible resource Peer to Peer has proven to be.  Tom R.  Marketing Company

My group emboldened my ability to lead a team of diverse personalities, motivating commitment and passion from each.  David G.  Construction Services

I now have a focused marketing effort that is generating three times the number of referrals I had 18 months ago.  Mike C.  Business Broker

The "whack-a-mole" management practice no longer exists with us, thanks to Peer to Peer.  Rob B.  Insurance Agency


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